SLASSCOM Professional Skills Programme

What is it?
The SLASSCOM Professional Skills Program is a set of courses that help learners gain professional skills that are required to succeed in the industry. Many of these professional skills courses are not taught in standard IT programmes and therefore provide learners with a competitive advantage.

Why is it useful?
We see a skill gap with young people entering the industry, and these courses help empower young people with the learning they need to thrive in their career.

Who is it for?

SLASSCOM Professional Skills Programme 

Nine courses are available for your learning!


Identify how we all process change and the way you can lead through change using Kotter's 8 step framework.


How do you manage 3Cs of Collaboration; Communicate, Coordinate or Conference through digital tools and enhance the effectiveness of the delivery.


Explores what personal presence and impact is and why it is important from both a personal and professional perspective. Also, maximize your presence and impact in conference call and video environments.

Presentation Skills

Explores key ideas on how to prepare a presentation, verbal communication and non-verbal communication including techniques and areas which will improve your ability to present effectively.

Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Explores what we mean by Self Awareness and why it is important from both a personal and professional perspective.

Wellbeing and Resilience

Explores some practical, effective ways to build your personal resilience. Gain a better sense of resilience levels, how to spot the signals of when emotional and mental strength is coming under pressure, and how to respond. Focuses on the energy.

Working in Teams

Explores what “quality” means from the individual perspective and from the team perspective including what motivates people.

Virtual Teams

Identifying how to work effectively on a virtual team is crucial than ever. Learn the techniques of managing the culture, collaboration, communication and trust for virtual team success.

Communication Skills

Explores how to handle difficult conversations, listening and questioning and productive & quality conversations.

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SESSION 6 - Presentation Skills

28 Mar, 2022
6:00 - 7.30 PM

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