Professional Upskilling: Zero to Mastery

At the SLASSCOM Academy we always design learning experiences aimed at growth as an individual or as an organization. We believe in learning by doing, therefore experiential learning plays a critical role in our delivery. We bring global standard learning experiences covering critical aspects of current and future business challenges.

Self-learning and live virtual sessions


Industry aligned and practical


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Our webinars will discuss contemporary challenges in sessions in no more than 120 Minutes.


Bootcamps are designed for greater understanding of a subject matter through rigorous exercises and case studies. Programmes would be 3-5 days in duration. 


Workshops are designed to provide learners a deeper understanding of a particular subject. Programmes would be 1-3 days in duration.


Access a range of free and paid courses to enhance your knowledge


SLASSCOM PPC Academy Portal

This learning portal is to provide the essential knowledge required to build products and platforms.
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Startup Sri Lanka

Spearheaded by SLASSCOM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, Start-Up Sri Lanka is geared to help local startups share knowledge, learn from our successes as well as our collective failures in an attempt to create a hive-mind that propels the entire industry forward

SLASSCOM Bootcamp Curriculum

Bootcamp Curriculum to be used as a guidance by educational and vocational institutes in teaching ICT
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