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Secrets of Communication for Project Success
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06th Novmber 2023


Every Monday and Friday 
06 Sessions - 03 Weeks


From 7.30pm to 9.30pm




A key learning of this program would be – how to package and put the message across to the target audience so that the objective is met in a mutually beneficial manner (win-win). It is a fact that a majority of professionals face challenges in communicating with each other and specifically with the customer personnel.

We find that in a situation where a specific message has to be communicated the vendor personnel may be too passive and intimidated by the customer, e.g., when needing to ask for an extension, a change of scope, need for further customization, etc., and therefore agreeing to things which cannot be easily delivered, sometimes at a financial loss for the vendor.

And in other instances being too aggressive and demanding which really annoys the customer. Most times these stances are taken – not because they really want to – but because of conditioning and not knowing how best to put a message across. 


Pre and Post Assessment (Optional)
At the Meeting
Pre and post assessment of each participant with written feedback in the form of a personalized report to each participant. 
This assessment is optional and includes an additional charge as mentioned in the Ticket Pricing section 
  • Getting clarity on what the client wants and what the organization wants
  • Single sentence objective. – so objective is crystal clear
  • How to best put things across
  • Strategy to use (multi aspect strategy) 
  • Research on the client (if new client) and client’s industry
  • How to structure a message – get it across fast with brevity and simplicity – and get the desired call to action
  • How to challenge and change limiting beliefs leading to long term, sustainable confidence which carries forward into all aspects of their life including communication and presentations 
  • How to conduct it effectively so that the objective is met
  • Presenting the best version of yourself remotely
  • Small talk and how to put the client at ease 
  • How to increase likeability and authority at the call
  • All aspects of verbal, para verbal, and non-verbal (body language) communication
  • Essential aspects of ‘how to switch on confidence in 2 minutes’ when needed immediately
  • How to listen with eyes and ears
  • When to speak and not to speak – 3 power questions to ask and answer before speaking
  • What went right & what could have been better
  • Were the objectives met – what led to the outcome
  • Learning for next time
  • Organizational learning – how to add value to overall organizational experience (learning from one team and make it available to other teams)
  • Next steps


Sanjeev Jayaratnam 

MBA (Sri,J), CEng(UK), BSc. (Hons) 1st Class (UK), MBCS (UK)
21 years of teaching – Across 24 countries – Impacting 21,000+ people

Sanjeev Jayaratnam is a Transformational Coach who facilitates change in people's attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. His focus everyday is on his clients and how to positively influence and facilitate them to achieve their maximum potential. 


Undergraduates (unemployed):     9,997 LKR
SLASSCOM Members:                             19,970 LKR
SLASSCOM Non Members:                  24,970 LKR
CFA/ACCA Members:                             22,470 LKR

    ***VAT to be Added

Post and pre evaluation of the participant will cost an additional 4,990LKR + VAT

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