AI for Finance Professionals Workshop

Starts on 29th March

Workshop Summary

Finance Sector has been an early adopter of AI, with about 80% of the global finance industry being aware of its importance. This workshop will provide a hands-on experience for participants to learn how to build an AI in the cloud, followed by an explorative talk on the role of ML & AI in Finance.

Workshop Content

29th March
30th March
31st March

This talk will focus on introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The talk will begin with an introduction to what AI/ML is and a laymans introduction to how AI/ML systems are built. We will then look at some global examples and use-cases where AI/ML have made an impact on enterprises.

This workshop will cover how AIs are built-in business and the AI lifecycle used to create a business return on investment (ROI). We will cover the landscape of available tools and considerations when selecting the right tools for you and your company. We will then do a hands-on exercise to build an AI in the cloud (no programming needed). We will conclude with best practices for AIs in finance and resources for those wanting to move forward.

This talk will focus on the role of Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance. The talk will start with intuitive examples of machine learning concepts and thereafter discuss various applications in finance that benefit from AI and ML, such as Portfolio optimization, Financial fraud detection, Market Segmentation and Automated stock trading.

Who is this workshop for?

Business executives in finance looking to add AI

Anyone in finance looking to use AI in their jobs

Teams leads and managers in finance looking to add AI to their products or operations

What will you get?

  • Certificate of completion issued by SLASSCOM
  • Lifetime access to recordings/ learning material


Dr. Romesh Ranawana

Founder and CEO
Enterprise Machine Learning

Dr. Nisha Talagala

Founder and CEO
AIClub and Pyxeda

Dr. Varuna De Silva

Senior Lecturer
Loughborough University London

Important Facts


29th March


3 days 


02 hours/day


29th March-6:30-8:30 PM 

30th March-6:30-8:30 PM

31st March-6:30-8:30 PM




Instructor led

Programme Commencement Countdown
29th March 2022

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