Project Management Webinar Series

17th Feb
17th March
24th Mar
 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Build Business Case for the Project / Project Management as a Whole 

''Are you happy with the value delivered with your Projects? If not, you might have missed an important milestone before you undertake the project. Building a clear business case that justificaties why you should undertake the project is essential for project success.
This webinar will guide you on how to plan your projects for value delivery by aligning your projects with the oganizational strategy and building the Project Business Case, by looking at project management as a whole and also as a part of a system that connects everything together in an organization".

Dr. Madhu Fernando
 3:30 PM TO 5:00 PM

Strategic PM and Entreprise PM with SAFe Agile 

  1. What is SAFe and Overview of Scaled Agile
  2. Scaled Agile Framework Key Takeaways
  3. How do you apply SAFe into your work environment
  4. Practical Challenges in applying SAFe in to scrum teams
  5. How to become SAFe Certified Practitioner


    Rohan Mahalekam
 3:30 PM TO 5:00 PM

5Ws and 1H of Agile and Hybrid Project Management

This webinar will help you understand Why, What, when, where, who, and How in Agile and Hybrid Project Management


Dr. Madhu Fernando
Suharshani Wickramasinghe

Upcoming Webinar:

Friday, 17th March 2023

3.30 PM - 5:00 PM

Thank you!


Dr. Madhu Fernando

CEO - Innova Strategies

Saman Kandanearachchi

Deputy General Manager - Digital Platform Operations

Rohan Mahalekam

SAFe Agile Practitioner / SAFe Program Lead - Virtusa

Suharshani Wickramasinghe

Senior Project Manager - Axiata Digital Labs




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