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Mastering the Art of Business Writing

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Mastering the Art of Business Writing

Date : 29th May 2024
Time : 9.00AM to 4.00PM
Mode : Physical Workshop
Venue : Mandarina Hotel, Colombo

In the fast-paced world of business, the power of words cannot be underestimated. From crafting compelling emails to articulating strategic visions in writing, this workshop ensures your written word makes an impact. Elevate your professional presence, influence decisions, and inspire your team with unparalleled written communication skills.

Learning Objectives

Assertive Communication

Master the art of assertive, engaging written communication to capture and retain your audience's attention.

Writing Mechanics

Simplify complex ideas with clear, impactful sentences and paragraphs. Discover the power of punctuation, style, and tone to convey your message effectively

Tone and Voice

Adapt your writing tone and voice to suit any professional scenario, from formal reports to empathetic emails.

Strategic Writing

Develop a targeted writing strategy to address your audience's needs. Learn to construct messages with purpose, from setting objectives to planning content.

Email Etiquette and Effectiveness

Transform your email communication with techniques for writing compelling content that fosters professional relationships and drives action.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience

Benefit from practical exercises, real-world case studies, and personalized feedback to refine your writing skills.

Program Content

01. Understand the key features of Assertive Communication with respect to written communication

02. KPI’s in preparing a structured message – Create curiosity, make the reader feel & think and realize

03. What are writing mechanics?
- The use of adjectives and adverbs in professional
- communication
- The use of the correct marks of punctuation
The use of conjunctions when joining two ideas
- Modern layouts

04. How to construct a simple and compound sentence

05. How to develop a paragraph including developing the following:
- Introduction
- Develop the idea
- Validate the idea
- Conclusion

06. Protocol to follow when you are transitioning ideas and paragraphs

07. How to show empathy when responding

08.Identifying the appropriate tone when writing
- Assertive Formal Tone
- Worried & Anxious Tone
- Positive & Collaborative Tone

09. Active Vs Passive Voice in Writing

10. Developing a writing strategy
- Phase 1 – Setting an objective
- Phase 2 – Analyse the audience (Needs and personality)
- Phase 3 – Planning the message with the aid of the 5 point writing structure

11. Addressing different situations
- Giving / receiving feedback
- Responding to queries
- Marketing of services
- Summarizing long messages and preparing a synopsis
- Responding to long informative messages
- Trying to engage groups and several parties
- Providing insight on Financial and Operational KPI’s

12. Email Communication
- Establishing an attractive introduction
- Following protocol and hierarchy when addressing the
- audience
- How to construct the body of the email
- Designing the end of the email to build relationship
- Do’s and don’ts when communicating via email – ex –
- addressing the recipients, the subject line
- How to close off the email in a professional manner
- Examples of professional emails
    When attaching a document
    Requesting for approval
    When forwarding an email
    Introducing yourself
    Responding to long informative messages
    Engaging several groups / delegating tasks

Meet the instructor

Irushi Aluwihare

A well renowned Corporate Trainer with over 20 years of experience, both locally and internationally, she has garnered acclaim for her specialized expertise in Communication Skills. A seasoned professional, Irushi has delivered more than 500 corporate training sessions across leading multinational and overseas organizations.
Patrick Jones - Course author


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