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Unlock the Future of Architecture and Engineering with AI: A Workshop for Visionaries

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Unlock the Future of Architecture and Engineering with AI: A Workshop for Visionaries

Date: 02nd of May 2024
Time: 2.00PM – 5.00PM
Venue: Galle Face Hotel, Colombo
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Josh Silver

Josh Silver, a luminary in the AI realm, currently serves as VP of Engineering and Head of AI at Cut+Dry, where he continues to lead the frontier of AI innovation. With a career that spans significant roles including Director of R&D-VMware, Head of Alexa Service-Amazon, and Head of Backend Engineering-Wagr, Josh has been instrumental in leading groundbreaking projects at global giants, as well as innovative startups

Career Highlights:

  • Innovative Leadership at VMware: Spearheaded the development of cloud and private datacenter disaster recovery products, overseeing teams in Palo Alto and China, and launched products generating over $10M in revenue.
  • Alexa Voice Technology: As Head of Alexa Service at Amazon, Josh led the strategy and execution that brought AI-powered voice technology to millions, managing a significant software team and developing AlexaService's cloud infrastructure.
  • Sports Analytics and AI: Published authoritative research in sports analytics, applying AI and machine learning for predictive analysis and strategic insights.
  • AI Integration Expertise: At the forefront of utilizing OpenAI/ChatGPT APIs, LLMs, and vector databases to enhance service delivery and user experience in various industries.

Key Topics

State of AI Today

Under the Hood of LLMs

Limitations of LLMs

Tools and Frameworks

Recommendations for Use

How Cut and Dry is Using AI?


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