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In an era defined by rapid technological evolution, the SLASSCOM Tech Forum's RealWorldTech Series emerges as a pivotal initiative. This platform stands as a bridge between the theoretical realms of academia and the dynamic demands of real-world industry applications.

With a mission to equip individuals with insights that transcend the classroom, this series serves as a guiding light for students, professionals, and enthusiasts navigating the ever-changing landscape of technology.

By bringing together seasoned experts, practical experiences, and industry perspectives, the RealWorldTech Series ensures that knowledge finds its place in the practical tapestry of innovation, nurturing a workforce that is not only skilled but also adaptable and forward-looking.
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Efficient Coding

Mastering the Art of Efficient and Maintainable Coding.
Our panelists will share their experiences and provide practical guidance on code quality, principles, testability, tooling and performance. 

An opportunity to learn what you'll encounter in the workplace as a coder.
(Please note that the recording is currently unavailable)
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Code Repositories

An interactive webinar on the essentials of Code Repositories! 
Our panelists, experts from leading IT companies in the country, will guide you through GIT workflow, code review processes, and CICD - crucial skills to succeed in the industry. 
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Secure Coding

Bringing together a panel of esteemed experts from leading tech companies to share their knowledge and experience on;

  • Critical importance of writing secure code
  • Fundamental principles and best practices
  • Essential techniques for effective testing
  • Secrets to building resilient and secure software systems
  • Insider tips on essential practices and pitfalls to avoid
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CI / CD Mastery

This session unites theory and practice in a single, streamlined discussion. It offers a panoramic view of CI/CD's progression from manual to automated techniques, an overview of pipeline structures, practical tool insights, and expert advice for real-world application and beginner challenges. 

Join us to refine your CI/CD skills for the future of software deployment.
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The Art and Science of Data Migration

Join our webinar on data migration to learn best practices, tools, and strategies for seamless data transfer across platforms. Gain insights from industry experts and discover how to mitigate risks while maximizing efficiency in your migration process.
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Our team

Meet Our Panelists

Eranga Perera
Software Architect, Zone24x7
Chamith Wijesundara
Software Architect, Virtusa
Eranga Kaluarachchige
Software Architect, LSEG
Gayan Pathirage
Software Architect, LSEG
Chathuranganie Pathirage
Associate Software Architect, Zone24X7
Nilan Pathiragoda
Software Architect, Virtusa
Tharaka Mahabage
Infrastructure Operations Architect, Virtusa
Kavinda Herath
Software Architect, LSEG
Dimuthu Nawarathna
Senior Tech Lead, Zone24x7
Kasun de Silva
Architect - Quality Engineering, Sysco LABS Sri Lanka
Asitha Weerasinghe
Technical Architect, 99x
Sameera Nelson
Software Architect, Mitra Innovation

Meet Our Moderator

Harshan Senadhira
Head of Product Implementation, Mitra Innovation

Meet Our Core Team

Dhaminda Sriwardena
Head Software Engineering, Zone24x7
Co-Lead, SLASSCOM Tech Forum
Prasanna Karunarathna
Head of Business Operations, LSEG Technology
Member, SLASSCOM Tech Forum
Sheran Dunlas
Manager Forum, SLASSCOM
Tech Forum, Quality Fourm, CSCx & AICx

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