Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of Quality Assurance (QA) with our specially designed SLASSCOM Quality Assurance Bootcamp. This self-paced, online bootcamp offers an extensive array of resources, including expert-led video lectures, in-depth reading materials, practical assessments, and a certificate upon completion.

Whether you're a student or a professional looking to pivot into a QA career, our program is tailored to equip you with the foundational and advanced skills needed in this dynamic field.
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10 hours

Reading Material

5 hours


07 challenges


1 Certificates

1undamentals of Quality Assurance

Gain a solid understanding of QA principles, best practices, and its pivotal role in software development.

Test Management

Dive into the organizational aspects of testing, learning how to plan, control, and lead successful testing efforts.

Test Types and Test Case Writing

Explore various testing methodologies with a focus on creating effective test cases for diverse scenarios.

Test Design Techniques

Master the art of designing tests that are both efficient and comprehensive, ensuring a high coverage.

Technical Testing

Delve into the technical aspects, understanding how to test software internals and work with code.

Performance Testing

Learn how to ensure software not only functions correctly but also performs under pressure.

Security Testing

Address the critical aspect of security, learning to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.
Our team

Meet Our Trainers

Eranga Perera
Software Architect, Zone24x7
Chamith Wijesundara
Software Architect, Virtusa
Eranga Kaluarachchige
Software Architect, LSEG
Gayan Pathirage
Software Architect, LSEG
Chathuranganie Pathirage
Associate Software Architect, Zone24X7
Nilan Pathiragoda
Software Architect, Virtusa
Tharaka Mahabage
Infrastructure Operations Architect, Virtusa
Kavinda Herath
Software Architect, LSEG
Dimuthu Nawarathna
Senior Tech Lead, Zone24x7

Meet Our Core Team

Dhaminda Sriwardena
Head Software Engineering, Zone24x7
Co-Lead, SLASSCOM Tech Forum
Prasanna Karunarathna
Head of Business Operations, LSEG Technology
Member, SLASSCOM Tech Forum
Sheran Dunlas
Manager Forum, SLASSCOM
Tech Forum, Quality Fourm, CSCx & AICx

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