Professional Image Mastery:
Grooming for Success

On 18th July 2024
From 9am to 4pm
At Galle Face Hotel, Colombo

Unlock your career potential with our comprehensive training on
professional grooming techniques. 

Program Outline

Introduction to Professional Grooming

Importance of grooming in professional settings
Overview of what constitutes good grooming

Personal Hygiene

Importance of personal hygiene in professional image
Best practices for personal grooming
Grooming tools and products overview
Dressing for Success

Understanding Professional Attire Standards

Dress codes in different workplace environments
Tips for selecting appropriate clothing
Hair and Skin Care
Proper hair grooming techniques
Skincare routines and products for professional appearance
Grooming tips specific to different hair and skin types
Nail and Hand Care
Importance of neat and clean nails
Basic manicure tips for professionals
Hand hygiene and maintenance
Facial Hair Grooming (if applicable)
Beard and mustache grooming tips
Trimming and styling facial hair professionally

Body Language and Posture

Importance of body language in professional interactions
Posture tips for projecting confidence and professionalism
Etiquette and Politeness

Workplace Etiquette and Manners

Interpersonal skills and professional conduct
Practical Demonstrations and Hands-on Sessions
Interactive grooming demonstrations
Hands-on practice with grooming tools and techniques
Meet the instructor

Bernadine Jayasinghe

Bernadine Jayasinghe is an accomplished leading Trainer, key note speaker and an international winning Speaker who has inspired and motivated over 100,000 professionals nationally and internationally through her inspirational words and have trained, coached and mentored many professionals on soft skills. 
Bernadine was recognized as one of the 100 successful women in Business, Top 50 Global women to look out for in Dubai, World platinum award in recognition of her ongoing commitment to excellence and outstanding inspiration to youth, women everywhere. 
Patrick Jones - Course author


SLASSCOM Members - 16,500 LKR*
Non Members - 20,500 LKR*

*VAT Applicable

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