Managerial Communication Excellence: Elevate Your Managerial Skills & Grammar Proficiency

Join our comprehensive program, where we blend the art of effective management with the precision of perfect grammar. Designed and delivered by experienced UK facilitators, this unique program will equip you with the essential skills needed to excel as a manager while enhancing your grammar proficiency.

Start Date
26th Oct 2023

3 Months


Thursdays (Starting from the 26th of October onwards)
06.30PM - 07.30PM


SLASSCOM Members - LKR 21,500.00 + VAT
Non-Members - LKR 23,500.00 + VAT

Key Features

 Master Managerial Skills: Develop effective communication, leadership, and decision-making abilities.
 Grammar Excellence: Enhance your English language proficiency, including grammar, syntax, and writing skills.
 Expert UK Facilitators: Learn from native UK speakers who bring real-world business experience to the classroom.
 Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic activities, case studies, and practical exercises.
 Online Convenience: Participate from anywhere with our virtual learning platform.
 Certification: Receive a certificate upon successful completion.
 Career Boost: Gain a competitive edge in the job market or advance in your current role.

Program Content

1. Connecting and Communicating Effectively – Presentation Skills
2. Connecting and Communicating Effectively – Delivery of Delivering Presentations
3. Connecting and Communicating Effectively – Writing Emails for Managers
4. Connecting and Communicating Effectively – Report Writing for Managers
5. Connecting and Communicating Effectively – Dealing with difficult meetings/situations
6. What makes a great Manager/Leader?
7. Managing Change Effectively
8. How to Engage and Motivate your Team
9. Building a Good Team Culture
10. The Value of Networking
11. Common Problems faced by Managers/Leaders and how to overcome them
12. Demonstrating Managerial/Leadership skills in an Interview and Curriculum Vitae

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