Embracing AI, Digital Transformation, and Innovation in a Rapidly Accelerating World

Tuesday, 23rd July 2024
3:00 PM to 4.30 PM
 Galle Face Hotel, Colombo 03

In today's rapidly accelerating world, businesses face unprecedented challenges and opportunities driven by artificial intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI (Gen AI), digital transformation, and innovation.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, organizations must move beyond merely reacting to these shifts.

In this session, Duleesha will
  • Introduce the powerful Zoom Out Zoom In (ZOZI) framework, designed to help firms proactively lean into transformation and not just survive but thrive. By taking a long-term vision (Zoom Out) and coupling it with actionable short-term steps (Zoom In), companies can navigate uncertainty, harness the potential of AI, and drive sustainable innovation.

  • Discuss on AI and Gen AI, which are revolutionizing industries and redefining competitive landscapes. These technologies are not just tools but anchors that enable organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency, creativity, and strategic advantage.
Meet your speaker

Duleesha Kulasooriya

Asia Pacific Innovation Leader and Managing Director 
Deloitte Center for the Edge

Duleesha Kulasooriya is the Innovation Leader

for Deloitte Asia Pacific, and the Managing
Director for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge –
part of a global management research institute
exploring the edges of business and

Duleesha brings over 26 years of global
experience helping clients navigate disruption
and drive innovation and transformation. He
has researched, written and spoken extensively
about emerging business landscapes, the
future of work, sustainability transformation
and about relevance of ‘edges’ such as the
Maker Movement, Burning Man, Lovable
Cities, the Metaverse, and Being Human in a
Digital Age.

Duleesha has an MBA from the Wharton
School of Business at the University of
Pennsylvania, a BS in Engineering and a BA in
Economics from Swarthmore College
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