Agile HR for Agile IT/BPO: Adapting to Rapid Industry Shifts

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on

the crucial role of Agile Human Resources in
navigating the ever-evolving landscape of

Granbell Hotel

15th November

5.00pm to 8.30pm

About the Event

In a rapidly evolving industry marked by technological disruptions and changing workforce dynamics, Agile HR principles are indispensable. They enable organizations to address talent acquisition and retention challenges, enhance the employee experience, optimize performance management, promote continuous learning and development, manage change effectively, integrate HR technology, and future-proof their HR practices. This panel discussion offers valuable insights and
strategies to empower HR professionals and industry leaders to navigate the complex IT/BPO landscape with agility, ensuring long-
term success and competitiveness.

Learning Objectives

  • Defining Agile HR and its importance in the IT/BPO sector
  • Challenges in the IT/BPO Industry
  • HR's Role in Supporting Businesses during adversity
  • Retaining and Engaging IT/BPO Professionals
  • Network

Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will be better equipped to drive Agile HR initiatives within their organizations, align HR practices with industry shifts, and ultimately contribute to their organization's success in the ever-evolving IT/BPO landscape.
  • Networking and Collaboration


Arjuna Nanayakkara
CEO of GTN Technologies and Head of
Global Shared Services of GTN Group


Ayin Shah Jahan
Associate Director 
 Strategic Talent Consultant 
EY GDS Sri Lanka
Shanaka Fernando
Board Director and
General Manager – Human Resources, WNS
Sampath Thrimavithana
Director, Virtusa
Thilanka Jayathilaka
Vice President Human
Resources at IFS Sri Lanka