Bug Bounties: Benefits, Approaches & Misconceptions

Nov 08th

Virtual Event

5.00 PM - 6.00 PM

GMT +05:30

Thank you!

Are bug bounty programs a good fit for your security operations?
Learn how industries ranging from SaaS to military to telecom implement and benefit from bug bounty programmes.

Who is it for?

Cyber Security Professionals, CISOs, CIOs & Bug Bounty Hunters

Discussion points:
  • How do different companies approach security?
- What cyber security approaches are available?
- What is the role of threat modelling in selecting the best approach?
- How do traditional approaches differ from bug bounty programs?
  • How do bug bounty programs work?
- How is confidentiality managed?
- What best practices should be followed when setting the testing scope?
- How is responsible disclosure ensured?


Dr. Primal Wijesekera  

Co-founder Bug Zero and Affiliated
Researcher - EECS, UC Berkeley