We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional. Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one.

1. Kinder_Learn by Helambage Desandu Chirandith
2. Object Scanner by Tuan Mohamed Fadhil Irshan
3. MOUSE Hunt by M.D Theekshana Stephan Manelka, B.Chanul Damsath De Silva, K.A Anthony Liran and A.B.A.D De Silva
4. Tidal Wave Of Plastic by Sinuri Sesanya Hewapathirana
5. Language Translator by M. Mubashir Jaward
6. Catch_The_Cat by Ranithu Dimunge , Thinuja Kannangara
7. Garbage Collectors by Ummaynah Farazy and Ruqayyah Farazy
8. Grade 9 Science Fun by Adrian J Jebamani
9. AIO by D.D.Sithum Hasaral Saparamadu
10. Maths Quiz App by Ashfaq Ahamed
11. Hydr-A-lert by Akith Welikala
12. MeetUp by M.A.Umar
13. Delivery App by Vinal Bandara
14. GPS_1 by Ibrahim
15. Be hydrated by A.Z.Aafthab Ahamed
16. Language_Translator_App by Ryan Sadhil De Silva
17. Chat More! Call More! by Sethini Udana Goonewardene and Sithum Lochana Goonewardene
18. Serena by Rehan Shakeel Raju
19. Compass all in one by Dimitri Rodrigo
20. Work on time by Abinaban, Apsara
21. My List by Mohammed Jasny Yunus
22. Learn Fun by Yunus Fawzan
23. Doctor's Appointment by Jananga Dehipitiya
24. Day planner by M. Shahil hilal
25. Money Management by Mohammed Jasny Yusuf
26. Maths Game by Nathan Akesh
27. MATH_LOVER by K. Anuk Chaniru Perera
28. remind me by M.S.M.NAQEEB , M.S.M.AYYUB and M.S.M.UMAR
29. Health Circle by Rusiru Dineth Jayasinghe
30. Chat bot health AI by Fathima Azza